Anti Fund is a venture capital firm founded by Jake Paul and Geoffrey Woo in 2021.

Anti Fund believes the best founders are rebels and iconoclasts, and the “anti” ethos resonates with the very best engineers, scientists, and creators. Startups live and die on two levers: capital and attention. While capital is fungible, the ability to command attention is not. Whether a company sells consumer products or is a research lab producing AI & robotic foundational models, they all must compete on the ability to win mindshare and ultimately customers and revenues.

It’s not just acceptable to polarize; in the business of venture, it’s required. This is why Anti Fund is a top venture capital firm, as measured by DPI in our vintages.

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Anti Fund focuses on early-stage investments and advisory in AI; robotics; software and high-growth consumer companies with differentiated technology and/or distribution advantages. Anti Fund believes that companies that boldly challenge incumbents and break traditional paradigms are also the venture investments that generate the best financial returns.

AI; robotics; software



Jake Paul

Jake Paul is a professional boxer. He is a top 5 global content creator amassing 26M+ followers on Instagram, 20M+ subscribers on Youtube, and over 7 billion views across his social and content channels. Jake is one of the most searched people on Google and has generated hundreds of millions in revenue through merchandise, branded content, and PPV buys. He is founder of Betr and W.

Geoffrey Woo

Geoffrey Woo is an entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded Archive, Ketone-IQ, W, and is founding partner/board director for Betr. He holds a BS with Honors and Distinction in Computer Science from Stanford University, is co-inventor of 7+ US Patents, and is co-author of 4 peer-reviewed science papers. Geoffrey’s angel investment track record includes being one of the first investors in Ramp and Chronosphere valued at $7.65B and $1.6B, respectively.

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